Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank you

what's my goal for blogging? At first it was just a homework as i know nothing about blogging at that time but now i thought i'll keep blogging as i knew more advantages about it. As this one is life experienced sharing while i was live by myself aboard. Blogging can make me in touch and gain more experience and knowledges from others as well. I have to thank my teacher Becky who assigned this homework and encouraged me to keep updating my blog.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I love SD

i didn't update my blog for a while because of the midterm not only one but three! But any way i'm back.
Now as i told you i'm in San Diego which make me feel i'm having a vacation all year long. Isn't it nice?
I love SD because in here it like a melting pot of culture. You'll find international foods from Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Mexican or etc. which can make you gain weight easily :) Also if you like to cook yourself there are many kinds of international market which you can buy any recipes from all over the world!
Also beach activities that i really love about, some people told me that SD is a quiet city which they can do nothing but you know may be SD might quiet if compare with LA or New York but who wanna live in the very busy places all the time Not ME for sure!
So i enjoy here that's why i love SD

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As the time passed by life have to go on........I finished my dissertation on time and went back to Thailand and got the job my dream job! Public Relation manager I was really enjoyed my work even though it was hard but it was really fun and challenge, including being home again made me feel good. But the wind blew me away from home again.
This time the wind blew me across the coast to San Diego,California one of the most beautiful city in USA with the same reason Study!!!
Living in SD is totally different with England because one obvious thing is car is very important here and the easy going as American style made me feel very relax together with SD surrounding made me feel as I'm on vacation all the time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bumpy Journey

As life as a journey so there might be some days that the journey don't go well as we are driving on the bumpy road.
As anyone my bumpy journey was happened to me on the precious year of my, the year that should be the happiest year of my life as i got accepted into the top ten university in UK and living & traveling in the beautiful country but it going to be too happy for me, right? That's why the most tragic thing of my life has happened.
On the second semester before mid-term exam I got the phone call from my beloved dad the most precious man of my life that he got a lung cancer and it might spread to the bone!!!!
I offered him to go back as soon as possible but he kept saying that "don't worry! Daddy gonna be fine just continue your study and be my good girl" so I did what he said.
Three days before his birthday he got admitted into ICU but as normal my mom said "don't worry daddy gonna be fine" so i decided not to go back home and continue researching my topic for the dissertation. On Valentine's day that year which is my daddy's birthday too I called him to say "I love you,daddy" and he said "I love you too" that what the last conversation. Two days after that he passed away without saying good-bye and I don't even see him for the last time because he told my mom that don't tell me that he's in the coma because he don't want his sickness to be my obstacle.
My journey was not beautiful anymore after flew back from the funeral I stayed up in my room studied so hard and try to get away my tear but it so hard, when you are away from alone with all the sadness. It the most hardest thing in my life.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Precious Year:Life in UK

As i said I realized that life not always be the pleasant journey. Over a year that I've spent in England for my master degree made me learn a lot whether good or bad.
Life as a student always fun but we have to control and mange ourselves to keep in the track and don't forget the objective that why we are here aboard "study"
At first i have to admitted it that the education system in England was so tough for me with the high competition among classmates and unfamiliar technical terms .......I had to studied so hard for example 30 books for just one assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortunately, I adapted myself to fit their system so I began my adventure by exploring many cities in England from the south to north such as Brighton, Dover, Kent, Oxford, Birmingham, York and London my favorite city in the world.
One of my British professor said "The man who sicks of London, sicks of his life" I do agree with him, there are so many things to do in London you named it shopping, museum, relaxing, dining, all entertainment from the plays to the clubs including the one of the great transportation system in the world.
That's why i love London.

Life as a journey

Someone said "LIFE AS A JOURNEY" you never know what it gonna be, it might be the a wonderful trip today but the most adventure trip will happen tomorrow.
For my journey as I've been in this journey for 26 years I can say that my journey fulled with the various experiences from many places in the different continental of this big world.
I was born in Bangkok,Thailand where i called my hometown. My journey began since I was in grade 7. My parents decided to began my journey with the English summer course in Australia but the first trip last only a month.
As the first journey opened my world I willing to learn more. The year after I went to England for another summer course. Over the ocean I really enjoyed my journey it might because I admired the historical building and British tradition but most important thing was I learned to live by myself, so when this trip ended I promised myself that I have to go back there for whatever reason.
The duty and responsibility to get into the high school has stopped my journey for 2 years. After that I started my journey as exchange student, I spent a year in the ski resort town in Canada where taught me many thing as class room and real world experienced.
But the most precious journey of my life would be last year when I was studying my master course in England which I realized that the journey not always be pleasant.